Are Gel Saddle Covers Any Good? [Pros and Cons]

If you’re a cyclist, chances are you’ve heard about the benefits of adding a gel saddle cover to your bike.

From providing improved comfort and reducing chaffing to increasing power output and energy conservation, there’s no doubt that adding a gel saddle cover could be the difference between crossing the finish line first or last.

But before you go ahead and invest in one, let’s take a deeper look at what exactly gel saddle covers offer.

What are Gel Saddle Covers?

Gel saddle covers are designed to fit over existing saddles to provide extra cushioning as well as reduce friction. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your specific bike.

Some even come with added features such as adjustable straps, which can be helpful when attempting to switch out different bikes with different seat sizes.

Performance Benefits

Studies have suggested that using a gel saddle cover can improve overall biking performance by increasing power output, energy conservation, and speed. This is due to the fact that more comfortable riders tend to ride longer and stronger than those who aren’t.

Additionally, anecdotal accounts from professional cyclists support this notion, claiming that adding a gel cover to their saddle has made rides more enjoyable, significantly improving their performance across the board.

Comfort Benefits

Gel saddle covers offer improved comfort that can make all the difference during your ride – with some research indicating that pain after bike rides is reduced by up to 55%.

Not only does this mean less pain after long rides but also a faster recovery time if you do experience any soreness or discomfort afterward.

It’s also important to note that many cyclists report feeling an immediate difference in comfort once they add a gel cover to their saddle – making them much more likely to get back on their bike again sooner rather than later!


All in all, investing in a good quality gel saddle cover may be just what you need for improved performance and increased comfort on your next bike ride.

With studies showing an increase in power output, energy conservation, and speed – not forgetting reduced post-ride pain – it’s easy to see why so many cyclists are turning towards this innovative solution for enhanced biking performance and enjoyment alike!

So why not give it a try today? You won’t regret it!