Are Keyboard Covers Bad for Laptops?

Everyone loves having a laptop that looks great, and it seems like more and more people are opting for keyboard covers to add some flare to their machines.

But while they may look good, is your keyboard cover actually bad for your laptop? Let’s dive into the debate around this controversial laptop accessory.

The Pros of Keyboard Covers

The main benefit of using a keyboard cover is protection from dirt and spills. If you’re prone to accidentally spilling coffee or food on your laptop keyboard, then a cover can be an easy way to protect against it.

It’s also relatively easy to remove the cover if it does get dirty or stained, as opposed to scrubbing away at the keys themselves.

The Cons of Keyboard Covers

However, there are some downsides to using a keyboard cover. One major concern is ventilation—without proper airflow through the keys, your laptop may overheat and decrease its performance.

Furthermore, studies have shown that leaving your laptop uncovered can extend its life by up to 32%. This makes sense when you think about how many features tend to be obscured under a keyboard cover—like backlighted keyboards or shortcut keys that can easily be missed if they’re blocked off with a protective layer.

Not only that, but because they’re often made out of plastic, the key symbols on some covers may end up corroding over time due to sweat and oils from fingers touching them frequently.


While there are pros and cons to using keyboard covers on laptops, research shows that these accessories certainly aren’t necessary for everyone; it all depends on usage frequency and the quality of the manufacturer.

That being said, if you do decide to purchase one make sure you buy from a reliable source! And remember—while they do provide short-term protection from spills and dirt buildup in certain conditions, keeping your laptop uncovered will give you long-term benefits in terms of performance as well as extending its lifespan.

With this information in mind, make an informed decision about whether or not a keyboard cover is right for your needs!