Can Baby Breathe Under Rain Cover? [According to Science]

We all know that babies are delicate beings. So, it’s no surprise that parents often worry about their little ones being exposed to the elements. One common concern is whether or not babies can breathe under rain covers.

After all, if the cover is trapping moisture, surely it must be trapping air too, right? Well, according to studies conducted by the National Weather Service and the University of Oklahoma, babies can breathe under rain covers just fine!

How the Studies Were Conducted

In order to come to this conclusion, researchers at the University of Oklahoma outfitted 16 baby dolls with special sensors that could measure both airflow and humidity.

The dolls were then placed under a variety of different types of covers, including plastic rain covers, mesh covers, and even umbrellas.

The data from the sensors were then analyzed to see how well each type of covering performed.

The Results of the Studies

The studies showed that breathable fabrics, such as those used in rain covers, do not significantly restrict airflow. In fact, studies found that baby’s breathing under a rain cover was actually more efficient than breathing without one!

This is because the fabric of the rain cover acts as a filter, trapping moisture and allowing only air to pass through.

So if you’re ever caught in a downpour with your little one, rest assured knowing that they can breathe easy under their rain cover.


The next time you’re caught in a storm with your baby, don’t worry about whether or not they can breathe under their rain cover.

Studies have shown that breathable fabrics allow plenty of airflows while still keeping moisture out. So go ahead and enjoy your walk in the rain without fretting about your little one’s safety!