Can a Mattress Cover Kill Bed Bugs? [Is it Magic or Just Science?]

It’s a common problem. You lay down in your bed, ready to drift off into dreamland, and you suddenly feel a bite on your arm. You turn on the light and see a tiny little creature scurrying away from you.

That’s right—you have bed bugs! But did you know that mattress covers can help kill them? Let’s explore this further.

Can Mattress Covers Really Kill Bed Bugs?

The idea of a mattress cover killing bed bugs may sound magical, but in reality, it simply isn’t true—at least not in the way that many people think.

What mattress covers will do is help to prevent new bedbugs from attacking your sleep space by offering an additional protective layer that the critters must traverse before settling in.

Studies have shown that mattress covers can reduce the number of bed bugs by up to 97%. So, can these covers kill all the pests?

No, but they sure can make it much harder for them to settle in your bed!

How Does A Mattress Cover Help To Kill Bed Bugs?

Mattress covers are effective because they work as physical barriers between the pesky critters and their food source—that’s right, you! The material traps air around the mattress, making it almost impossible for any bugs to get out once they’re trapped inside.

The fabric also prevents any new bugs from entering the mattress through any small openings or crevices. This means that while there may still be some eggs or larvae lying around, they won’t be able to hatch until they find another food source outside of your protected sleep environment.

Plus, if you’re using an encasement with anti-bed bug technology (like ours!), it will also help prevent any eggs or larvae from hatching inside the encasement itself!


So yes – mattress covers are an effective way to kill bed bugs. They create a barrier between you and those pesky critters, preventing them from entering your mattress and latching onto the protector instead.

And if you’re using one with anti-bed bug technology, like our encasements here at Metric Marketing – then even better!

So go ahead and give yourself peace of mind knowing that you can rest easy tonight without having to worry about any nasty bites come morning time!