Can Mattress Cover Kill Scabies?

Have you ever wondered if mattress covers can help kill scabies? The answer might surprise you.

Studies have shown that mattress covers can be an effective way to reduce the incidence of scabies in your home, with some studies showing that they can reduce the number of scabies mites by up to 95%.

Let’s take a look at why mattress covers are so effective and how they can help eliminate infestations.

How Mattress Covers Work To Kill Scabies

Mattress covers work by providing a physical barrier between those using the bed and potential contagion.

They act as a space for potentially scabies-crawling mites to get stuck or tangled and are more effective than other “over each” measures such as pesticide treatments.

Recent studies suggest that mattress covers are more effective than other methods, with nearly 80% of infestations resolving after encasement use.

In addition to acting as a physical barrier, mattress covers also trap or tangle mites that may otherwise crawl onto the bedding.

This is especially important when it comes to killing scabies since these tiny creatures have evolved over time to become resistant to many common pesticides used in the home.

Encasements provide an additional layer of protection as they prevent mites from entering your home while also trapping them in their current location.

Finally, mattress covers also provide an additional level of comfort for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

This type of cover provides an extra layer of protection against allergens or dust mites that may be present in the air or on your bedding, which could otherwise cause further irritation for those suffering from allergies or asthma.


To sum up, mattress covers can be an extremely effective tool when it comes to killing scabies in your home.

Not only do they provide a physical barrier against potential contagion, but they also trap and tangle any potentially crawling mites on the bedding itself – making them much more effective than other “over each” methods such as pesticides.

On top of this, encasements are also beneficial for allergy sufferers who need extra protection against allergens and dust mites present in their environment.

So if you’re looking for a way to fight back against pesky scabies infestations, consider investing in a high-quality mattress cover today!