Can You Dry a Waterproof Mattress Cover? [The Best Way]

Are you looking for the best way to dry your waterproof mattress cover? You’ve come to the right place.

It is not recommended to dry a waterproof mattress cover in a hairdryer, tumble drier, or be exposed to high temperatures as this can degrade the fire-retardant chemicals.

But don’t worry! We’ve compiled some of the best tips on how to safely and effectively dry out your waterproof mattress cover. Read on for all the details!

Air-Drying is the Best Solution

The best solution for drying a wet waterproof mattress cover is air-drying. This method will help extend the life of your mattress cover and prevent any damage from heat and/or direct sunlight exposure.

To do this, simply hang your mattress cover up outside or in an area with good air circulation (like an open window). This could take anywhere from several hours to overnight depending on how wet your mattress cover is.

Using a Fan or Hairdryer

If you find yourself needing to speed up the process, you can always use a fan or hair dryer. Make sure that it does not get too hot as this could damage your waterproof mattress cover.

This method should be used sparingly as it can cause rapid wear and tear over time.

Low Heat Setting in the Dryer

Surprisingly enough, you can actually put it in the dryer in a low-heat setting!

However, this should only be done if absolutely necessary since high temperatures (even at low settings) can damage the fabrics used in many waterproof mattress covers.

Overall, this method should be avoided unless absolutely necessary as it will reduce the longevity of your waterproof mattress covers over time.


It is important to keep in mind that drying out a waterproof mattress cover should not be done too often as this can lead to rapid wear and tear over time.

The best way to dry out one of these covers is through air-drying – however, using a fan or hairdryer (on low heat) is both viable alternative if needed.

Additionally, surprisingly enough you can also put it in the dryer on low heat – though again this should only be done if absolutely necessary as high temperatures can damage some fabrics used for these covers.

All in all, following these tips, will help ensure that your waterproof mattress covers stay intact and last longer!