Can You Machine Wash Koala Mattress Cover?

Have you ever wondered if you can machine wash your Koala Mattress Cover? Wondering how to keep your mattress clean and fresh without having to hand wash it every week is a common concern.

According to Koala Mattress, up to 77% of mattresses that weren’t frequently cleaned caused discomfort and sometimes even health problems for those sleeping on them.

So keeping your mattress cover clean is essential! Luckily, taking care of the Koala Mattress cover is easy – and yes, machine washing is totally OK!

Let’s take a look at why you should (or shouldn’t) machine wash your cover.

Machine Washing Your Cover

Linens with synthetic, olefin, or polyester fabric should all go in the machine, set at a normal temperature.

However, while technically you can machine wash the cover, Koala recommends hand washing due to its delicate composition and breathable material.

Research indicates that machine washing not only exposes the cover to harsh elements but saps its ability to function correctly over time.

In other words – if you want your mattress cover to last as long as possible it’s best not to machine wash it!

Spot Cleaning Your Cover

It may sound like a hassle but spot-cleaning your mattress cover is actually really simple – and much better for the longevity of your mattress!

All you have to do is use a damp cloth with warm water and detergent-free cleansing solution or liquid soap on any stains or spills that occur on the surface of your bedding.

That’s it! With just these few steps you can keep your mattress looking like new without having to put it through an entire cycle in the washing machine each time there’s an accident.


So can you machine wash your Koala Mattress Cover? Yes – but we recommend against doing so because it could wear down the material over time.

Instead, opt for spot cleaning whenever possible – this will help ensure that your mattress stays in great condition for many years to come.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned owner of one of Koala’s mattresses, following these steps will keep both you and your bed happy and comfortable for years!