Can You Paint the Boiler Cover? [Here’s How]

Adding a splash of paint to the mundane boiler cover in your home can be an exciting way to bring some life into otherwise dull spaces.

But, before you grab that brush and roller, it’s important to understand that painting your boiler cover can reduce its efficiency by around 30%.

That said if you take the right measures and use the correct type of paint for your particular model, painting your boiler cover can be a fun and easy way to make a big impact in any room.

Consult with Professionals Beforehand

Before you start painting away, it’s best to consult with both a professional plumber as well as the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is especially important to get advice from a professional if you are looking at refinishing or repainting an old boiler cover.

This is because certain materials may have been used during the original installation which could cause health risks when exposed to certain types of paint fumes.

Choose the Right Paint Type

The right type of paint is essential when painting a boiler cover. Most boiler covers are made of metal so they require specialist paints such as alkyd enamels and other oil-based paints that are designed for this purpose.

If your boiler cover is made from plastic or wood then there will be different types of paint suitable for each material.

It’s also worth noting that some paints may require more than one coat for even coverage which could take longer overall and increase costs accordingly.

Ventilation & Clean Up

It goes without saying that ventilation should always be taken into consideration when dealing with any kind of chemical-based product like paint – especially if you are dealing with oil-based varieties.

Make sure windows and doors are open throughout the process and avoid inhaling any fumes directly from the tin or brush while applying the paint onto surfaces.

Once finished, feel free to use any leftover materials in order to clean up brushes and equipment used during the job – but never pour them down drains or into water sources!


Painting your boiler cover can add new life to an otherwise boring space while potentially increasing resale value too – just imagine how much cheerier your room will look with a vibrant boiler cover! Although, it’s important to bear in mind that this task can reduce efficiency by around 30%.

Thankfully though, many people who have taken on this project report it was an easy and enjoyable task – thanks largely due to consulting professionals beforehand as well as using the correct type of paint for their particular model.

So why not give it a go yourself? Just remember – ventilation is key!