Does a Bed Bug Mattress Cover Work?

Bed bugs have been a persistent problem throughout history, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to fight back.

In recent years, bed bug mattress covers have become increasingly popular for good reason – they can help to quickly break the life cycle of bed bugs and provide an extra layer of protection from new infestations.

Let’s look at how this mattress covers work, their effectiveness, and why you should consider investing in one for your home.

How Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work

A quality bed bug mattress cover provides immediate protection against bed bugs and also ongoing protection with its proprietary micro-weave fabric technology.

The advanced fabric keeps bed bugs out while still allowing air circulation so that your mattress can breathe and remain comfortable.

Regularly laundering your bed bug mattress cover is also essential in maintaining its effectiveness since it helps to remove any bed bug eggs or larvae that may have been caught in the fabric.

Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers Effective?

Studies have shown that regular use of a bed bug mattress cover alongside other treatments like heaters or cleaners can drastically reduce the threat of an infestation for up to 18 months after first being used.

In addition, frequent washing and drying on high heat can further reduce this risk greatly, as it will kill any remaining eggs or larvae before they are able to hatch and mature into full-fledged adults.


Investing in a quality bed bug mattress cover is an effective way to prevent infestations before they even happen.

By providing both immediate protection as well as ongoing prevention with its proprietary micro-weave fabric technology, you can be sure that your home will stay safe from pesky intruders without sacrificing comfort or air circulation with your mattress.

Put simply, if you want to protect yourself from unwanted visitors while still maintaining a comfortable sleeping surface – then investing in a quality bed bug mattress cover is definitely worth it!