Does Every House Have a Drain Cover?

When it comes to household maintenance, careful consideration should always be taken to ensure the safety of your home.

Most houses in the US have drain covers installed, but did you know that this isn’t always the case elsewhere?

Read on to learn more about why drain covers are important and why they should be a priority for homeowners.

Does Every House Have a Drain Cover?

In the US, most homes are built with drain covers in order to prevent clogging. However, this is not always true for other countries, such as Taiwan.

According to statistics from the World Bank, about 90% of households in Taiwan don’t have drain covers due to their different drainage system architecture. This means that debris and insects can get into the pipes and cause problems over time.

Aside from preventing clogging issues, drain covers can also help keep out pests and save money on water bills! By blocking out debris and insects from entering pipes, drain covers can significantly reduce the amount of water wasted due to leaks or clogs.

Furthermore, they can also help prevent potential injury or accidents around the sink or tub by providing an extra layer of protection and ensuring that no one slips or trips on a wet surface.

Why Do We Need Drain Covers?

Drain covers are designed to keep debris and insects from entering your plumbing system. This is especially important if you live in an area where there is a lot of water or moisture.

A drain cover can also help prevent potential injury and accidents around the sink or tub. It’s easy for small items like toys, jewelry, or even toothbrushes to slip down the drain.

Having a drain cover will help keep these items out of your pipes.

The Environmental Impact of Drain Covers

Having a drain cover can also help save on water bills! If you notice that your water bills are unusually high, it could be because your pipes are clogged with debris or other materials that have made their way through without a proper cover system in place.

By having a drain cover installed, you can ensure that only water goes down the drains in your home which can lead to lower monthly costs.

Common Types Of Drain Covers

When looking for the right type of drain cover for your home, there are many options available! The two most common types are flexible plastic grates and solid stainless steel grates.

Flexible plastic grates tend to be easier to install but may not last as long as stainless steel grates since they can become brittle over time due to UV light exposure. Stainless steel grates are more durable but require professional installation since they need to be custom fitted for each individual pipe size.

No matter which option you choose, both will provide adequate protection for your pipes!


All in all, it’s important for homeowners to understand the importance of having a properly functioning drain cover in their homes.

Not only do they keep our homes safe and clean by preventing potential injury and accidents around the sink or tub, but they can also help save on water bills!

As we become increasingly aware of environmental issues like climate change, it’s important that we take steps towards protecting our planet—and having properly functioning drains is just one way to do so!

So make sure your home has a drain cover today and start saving money while keeping your family safe at the same time! `