What is Drain Cover Grating? [How it Protects]

We’ve all seen them, those metal grates that cover the drains on streets and sidewalks. They’re often overlooked, but they play an important role in keeping our roads and pathways safe from sewer or drainage pipelines that lie beneath.

Drain cover grating is essential for sewerage and flood management, protecting us from potential damage and disruption caused by underlying drains. Let’s take a closer look at what drain cover grating is and why it is so important.

What is Drain Cover Grating?

Drain cover grating consists of iron bars arranged into a lattice that covers the drain opening.

The iron bars are strong and durable, allowing for full access to the openings on either side for maintenance whilst still being able to withstand the weight applied by passing cars or heavy vehicles.

There are over 19 million gratings installed across North America today!

Materials Used in Creating Drain Cover Grating

Drain cover grating can be made from a variety of materials including steel, stone, and plastic – making them suitable for any environment!

Steel gratings are popular due to their strength and durability compared to other options like plastic or stone which can be more prone to wear over time.

Steel gratings come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs which makes them suitable for any application.

The Benefits of Installing Drain Cover Gratings

The main benefit of installing drain cover gratings is that it prevents debris and sediment from entering the drainage system which could lead to blockages or flooding.

Additionally, drain cover gratings provide a clean aesthetic look to any street or pathway as well as protect pedestrians from potential slips or falls near open drains!

Lastly, they are cost-effective and easy to maintain which makes them an ideal choice for any property owner looking to protect their premises against potential flood damage.


Drain cover grating plays an essential role in protecting our roads, pathways, homes, businesses, schools, parks – you name it! Its durability ensures longevity while its cost-effectiveness means it won’t break your bank account either.

With 19 million gratings already installed across North America today, there’s no reason not to consider drain cover grating for your own property’s protection against floods – after all; peace of mind comes first!