Why Are Keyboard Covers Bad?

Keyboard covers sound like a great idea at first. They’re colorful, they protect your laptop’s keyboard from dust, dirt, and potential spills, and they even come in a variety of fun designs.

But when you dive down into the details, it becomes clear that this is not necessarily the best decision for your computer. In fact, there are far more cons than pros when it comes to keyboard covers.

Let’s take a look at why they are actually a bad investment.

For What Cases Keyboard Covers Bad?

To start off with the most obvious issue, keyboard covers can be expensive. While some may advertise themselves as being budget-friendly solutions, these usually don’t last very long and don’t offer much protection.

The higher quality models often cost upwards of $50 or more depending on the size of your laptop, which means you could end up spending quite a bit of money on something that doesn’t really do much good in the long run.

Another problem with keyboard covers is that they can actually decrease efficiency while typing.

This is because many people find that their fingers slip on the surface of the cover and impede typing accuracy and speed – not exactly what you want if you’re trying to get work done!

This same slippery surface also makes it difficult to keep your hands in a comfortable ergonomic position, leading to potential pain or discomfort after extended periods of use.

Finally, another major downside to using keyboard covers is that they limit air circulation around your laptop’s keyboard area – meaning that your computer can easily overheat if used for longer periods of time.

Overheating laptops can lead to system failure or damage which can be costly to repair or replace – something nobody wants!

Plus, cleaning out any dust or particles that might have accumulated underneath the cover can be quite tricky because you cannot remove them without damaging them – making them even worse as an overall investment option.


All in all, investing in a keyboard cover is rarely ever going to be worth it in the long run – both financially and functionally speaking.

Not only are they expensive but they also reduce typing accuracy and speed while simultaneously limiting airflow around your laptop’s keyboard area (leading to overheating).

Furthermore, cleaning out any dust or particles underneath them can be difficult – leaving you with an expensive piece of equipment that won’t last very long!

If you’re looking for ways to protect your laptop’s keyboard from dirt and spills then investing in sticky notes or paper towels might actually end up being a cheaper and more effective solution in the long run!