The Ultimate Pool Protection: A Closer Look at Latham Pool Covers

Yes, Latham pool covers are good. Latham is a great company and has good quality covers. They sell mesh similar to Loop Loc, and a heavy grade sun blocking mesh also. Latham solid & mesh safety pool covers are the strongest, most reliable way to prevent loved ones, children and pets from getting into your pool unattended. Additionally Latham Coverstar Safety Pool Covers are amazing and highly recommended.

Are you looking for a reliable and safe way to protect your pool from children and pets? Look no further than Latham pool covers! These safety pool covers are incredibly strong and reliable, and are the ultimate way to keep your loved ones safe and secure. In this article, we’ll explore why Latham pool covers are the best choice for keeping your family safe. We’ll look at the benefits of using these products, what types of materials they use, their safety features, how they compare to other brands, as well as some tips on choosing the right cover for your needs.

Are Latham Pool Covers Good

Key Takeaways

  • Latham pool covers are a reliable and safe option for protecting children and pets.
  • Both mesh and solid safety covers are available, with the mesh option blocking up to 98% of UV rays.
  • Latham offers a comprehensive range of pool cover options with custom designs available.
  • Professional installation is recommended for Latham pool covers, and they come with a 5-year warranty.

Overview of Latham Pool Covers

Latham pool covers are a great choice, offering strong mesh and solid safety covers for protecting your family and pets, plus an amazing heavy grade sun-blocking mesh option. The company has been in the industry for many years and has earned a reputation for their high quality products. Their pool covers come with multiple options to choose from including solid safety covers that block out debris, dirt, and other contaminants from entering your pool while also providing an extra level of security against unwanted access. For those looking to add additional protection from the sun’s UV rays, Latham’s mesh safety pool cover is designed to block up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays while still allowing water to pass through.

The construction of Latham’s pool covers is top-notch as well. Each cover features heavy duty straps for secure installation and includes stainless steel springs that provide optimal tension when deployed across the surface of the pool. Additionally, all seams are double stitched for increased durability against weather conditions or potential wear over time. This ensures that you have peace of mind knowing your family is safe while using the swimming area without any worry about it becoming damaged or worn down due to regular use.

In addition to its strength and durability, Latham provides a variety of colors and sizes so you can find just the right fit for your needs. Whether you are looking for something more elegant or more functional, there is sure to be an option that meets your requirements perfectly – making it easy to keep your swimming area safe throughout all seasons without sacrificing style or convenience. With these features combined, it’s no wonder why Latham pool covers have such a good reputation among customers who need reliable protection from both people and elements alike. Transitioning into discussing benefits of latham pool covers will further demonstrate why this product line should be considered as a top choice among buyers today.

Benefits of Latham Pool Covers

Safety and security soar with prestigious Latham pool protection. Latham Pool Products offer the most advanced pool covers on the market, providing superior protection for your family and guests. Their covers are designed to last, constructed from the highest quality materials and built to withstand any weather condition or extreme temperature.

DurabilityManufactured from high-grade materials that can withstand extreme temperatures & wear & tear
SecurityPrevents children & pets from entering pool area unattended
AestheticsVariety of styles available to complement existing landscaping & design elements of home décor

The industry-leading technology used by Latham Pool Products is able to detect small objects like toys or animals in a fraction of a second, ensuring complete safety when using their products. They also offer custom designs so you can create an attractive cover that matches your own personal style and outdoor living space. In addition, they provide a wide selection of colors, shapes, sizes and textures that will blend seamlessly into your existing landscape design.

Latham Pool Products are reliable investments that come with an assurance of safety, security and peace-of-mind for homeowners looking for long-term solutions to their pool cover needs. With years of experience in the industry and a vast network of dealers across North America, they have become one of the leading names in pool cover products today.

Types of Latham Pool Covers

You have options when it comes to protecting your pool with Latham, from mesh and solid covers to custom designs. The company offers two types of safety covers: Latham Safety Covers and Mesh Pool Safety Covers.

Latham Safety Covers are strong and durable, made with high-quality materials and designed for maximum strength. They also feature automatic locking systems that help prevent accidental removal of the cover. Mesh Pool Safety Covers provide an extra layer of protection, as they offer a tighter fit on the pool edge than traditional solid covers. These covers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet all budgets and requirements.

Solid Safety Cover is an excellent solution for those who want an even stronger cover option without compromising on style or durability. The material used is incredibly sturdy and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall. Additionally, these covers come with adjustable straps that allow them to be secured tightly around the perimeter of the pool for added security against accidental removal or tampering.

These three types of Latham pool covers provide reliable protection from unwanted visitors while maintaining a stylish aesthetic appeal for any outdoor space. With their heavy-duty construction, each type ensures users will feel secure knowing their pools are protected year-round no matter what Mother Nature throws at them! Transitioning into the next section about ‘materials used in latham pool covers’, one must consider how different combinations of materials work together to create a safe, long lasting product that meets all needs and expectations.

Materials Used in Latham Pool Covers

You’ll be impressed with the heavy duty materials used in Latham pool covers, providing you with a reliable and stylish solution for all your safety needs. The two main types of pool covers are mesh and solid. Mesh pool covers are durable, lightweight, and allow water to pass through them so they can be used on above ground pools too. They also provide the ability to easily remove debris from the surface. Solid safety covers are made from strong vinyl-coated polyester fabric that is reinforced between layers for strength and durability. These covers offer superior protection against unwanted intruders as well as providing a secure barrier against harsh weather conditions.

Materials Used in Latham Pool Covers
Material TypesProperties
Mesh Pool CoverDurable & Lightweight
Solid Safety CoverStrong Vinyl-Coated Polyester Fabric Reinforced Between Layers for Strength & Durability

The materials used in Latham pool covers come with many benefits, such as UV protection to help prevent fading or discoloration due to sun exposure, tear resistance for long-lasting performance, and chemical resistance so it won’t degrade over time when exposed to chlorine or other sanitizers. All of these features ensures your cover will look great while also keeping your family safe year round! Transitioning into the next section about ‘safety features’, you’ll discover how these materials combine to make a dependable product that surpasses expectations of both quality and reliability.

Safety Features of Latham Pool Covers

Discover how Latham’s pool covers provide superior safety with features that include strong tear-resistance, UV protection, and chemical resistance. With a break strength of up to 4200 lbs., these covers are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The mesh safety pool covers from Latham are made using top-quality materials and feature an advanced interlocking system that prevents accidental openings. Coverstar Safety Covers offer additional security with their solid safety pool design, constructed with heavy-duty material for maximum durability. For extra convenience, all Latham Pool Covers come equipped with a unique lockable latch system to prevent unwanted access.

The combination of these features ensures that your family is safe from any potential accidents or injuries when using the pool. Not only do they provide added protection but also secure your investment, as the cover will last longer due to its superior durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain. Furthermore, Latham Pool Covers are a great way to reduce energy costs by providing insulation during both summer and winter months.

From safety features to design options, there’s no better choice than Latham Pool Covers for protecting your family and investments while keeping your swimming area looking neat and tidy all year long! Their wide selection of colors and patterns allows you to choose the perfect look for your outdoor space while ensuring maximum protection at all times. With this comprehensive range of options available, you can be sure that you’ll find something that meets both your aesthetic needs as well as practical requirements for keeping everyone safe around the pool area.

Design Options for Latham Pool Covers

When it comes to pool safety, Latham offers great design options for their covers. They have a variety of mesh safety covers and mesh pool covers that can provide a high level of security. For instance, their Coverstar Safety Pool Covers are made from the highest grade mesh and reinforced with extra strength straps so they won’t rip or tear under pressure.

In addition to being strong and reliable, Latham also provides aesthetic design options with their selection of safety pool covers. They offer different colors and patterns that will bring out the best in your backyard oasis. Plus, all their covers come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty so you know you’re getting quality products backed by an industry leader.

Latham’s commitment to quality combined with its wide range of design options makes them one of the best choices for keeping your family safe while enjoying your swimming pool this summer!

Latham Pool Cover Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Latham offers a 5-year warranty on all their pool covers, so you can be sure your family is safe and secure! Most of the leading brands like Meyco Safety Covers and GLI Safety Covers only offer a 3-year or 4-year warranty. This makes Latham’s extended 5-year warranty particularly attractive for those who want to make sure their cover will last over time. The company stands behind its products with both customer service and technical support provided by experienced professionals.

Latham’s extended warranty not only ensures that your safety pool cover will last longer, but it also provides financial protection in case of an unexpected defect. They are committed to providing quality covers backed up by a comprehensive guarantee that is designed to give customers complete peace of mind when purchasing their cover. All parts included in the purchase are covered under this warranty—including the frame, mesh fabric, webbing straps, fasteners, springs, buckles and more. In addition, if the cover ever needs repairs due to normal wear and tear within the first five years after purchase they may be able to assist with these costs as well.

The fact that Latham offers such a generous warranty on their pool covers speaks volumes about their commitment to producing high quality products while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do. With this assurance in place, you can rest assured that your investment in protecting your loved ones from accidental drowning is protected for years to come – making choosing the right size Latham pool cover even easier!

Choosing the Right Size Latham Pool Cover

Choosing the Right Size Latham Pool Cover

Choosing the right size Latham pool cover is essential for protecting your loved ones and ensuring peace of mind – don’t let an inferior product keep you from keeping your family safe! The safety and quality of a pool cover should always be the main determinants when selecting one. Latham Pool Covers are designed to protect in-ground or above-ground pools, with both custom covers and safety covers available in a variety of sizes. When selecting the right size, measure carefully the length and width of your pool. It’s important to select a cover that is slightly larger than your pool so it can provide maximum protection. This will also help ensure that debris like leaves or dirt do not get into your pool. Additionally, if you have an odd shaped pool, you can request custom made covers which will fit perfectly on your swimming area.

When picking out a Latham Pool Cover, remember to consider its material type as well as its features such as UV protection and water resistance ratings to make sure that it meets all of your needs for durability and reliability over time. For added security, choose one with reinforced edges which will provide extra strength against accidental damage caused by rough play or mishandling by children or pets. Lastly, look for certifications such as ASTM F1346-91/F1346 which guarantee that the product has been tested according to standards set by safety professionals in order to provide maximum safety for everyone who uses it.

Having chosen the right size and material construction for a Latham Pool Cover, proper installation is key to ensure years of worry free use and peace of mind knowing that you have taken all steps necessary to keep everyone safe around the swimming area at all times.

Installation and Maintenance of Latham Pool Covers

Installing a Latham pool cover is the best way to ensure your family’s safety and security. First, you need to make sure that the cover you select is the right size for your pool. Once you have the correct size, installation is easy with step-by-step instructions from Pool Cover Reviews. The following are some tips to help keep your pool cover in optimal condition:

  • Inspect it regularly for tears or other damage that may have occurred due to wear and tear over time
  • Clean it with a hose every few weeks or as needed
  • Make sure it is securely fastened and free of dirt and debris between the straps
  • Invest in heavy duty solid covers as they provide better protection against UV rays and will last longer than mesh covers
  • Cover Maintenance – Keeping the surface clean by brushing periodically will prevent algae growth and extend its life expectancy by up to 10 years!

With proper care, your Latham pool cover can provide reliable protection against accidental falls into the swimming area for many years. Allowing you peace of mind knowing that your family’s safety has been taken care of like a fortress surrounding the swimming area. For more information on cost of latham pool covers, read our next section.

Cost of Latham Pool Covers

Understanding the cost of pool covers is an important factor in protecting your family’s safety. Latham pool covers range in price from around $500 for a simple, mesh winter cover to over $2000 for a heavy-duty solid winter pool safety cover. For those looking for something in between, there are also mid-range options available such as mesh and solid combination covers. Prices may vary depending on the size of your pool and any additional features you may need or want, such as an automatic winch system that makes cover installation and removal easier. When purchasing a Latham pool cover, it’s important to consider not only the initial cost but also any maintenance costs associated with its use. Solid winter covers require more frequent cleaning than do mesh winter covers; however, they offer greater protection against debris and leaf buildup over time.

When comparing prices among different types of Latham pool covers, be sure to check all features included in each option before making a decision. Mesh covers tend to be less expensive than solid options; however, they can still provide excellent protection when properly installed and maintained according to manufacturer instructions. Additionally, many models come with warranties that can help offset some of the up-front costs associated with their purchase. It is also beneficial to keep in mind how often you intend to use your pool since seasonal differences may affect which type of cover would best meet your needs and budget constraints.

No matter what type of Latham Pool Cover you choose, professional installation is essential for ensuring proper fitment and optimal performance benefits over time. This will ensure that the product will last longer while providing maximum security against accidental entry into the swimming area by children or pets when not supervised by adults nearby. Understanding all these factors will help you make an informed decision about which type of cover is best suited for your specific needs so that you can enjoy safe swimming year round!

Benefits of Professional Installation of Latham Pool Covers

Ensuring your pool is properly protected is a crucial step in keeping your family safe, and professional installation of a Latham Pool Cover guarantees its success like building a strong foundation for a house. Professional installers know the ins and outs of safety covers, including their custom sizing and cover installation. With their help, you can be sure that your Latham Pool Cover:

  • Is installed according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Has been tested for durability and strength
  • Is made from quality materials to ensure long lasting protection
  • Is applied with the proper tensioning system to keep it secure
  • Has had all necessary hardware installed correctly

The cost for this service may depend on the size of your pool and specific needs, but investing in professional installation will save you time, money, and most importantly peace of mind. Plus, if there are any issues with your cover down the road due to improper installation or inadequate materials/hardware then you’ll likely have some coverage from the installer’s warranty. Transitioning smoothly into automatic pool covers now that we’ve discussed professional installations of Latham Pool Covers- Automatic pool covers offer convenience, saving time by eliminating manual labor while still providing top quality protection.

Advantages of Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers offer a convenient way to secure your pool and maintain the safety of your family, without sacrificing time or quality. Automatic pool covers provide far more features than traditional manual models, such as mesh pool cover features that help keep debris from collecting in the pool and winter pool cover options that protect against ice damage. Additionally, automatic covers come with extra safeguards such as child-proof locks and sensors for those who are especially concerned about safety. Installing an automatic cover can also reduce energy costs by keeping heat within the pool during colder months.

Comparing automatic and manual models shows that automatic covers have many advantages including faster installation times due to their pre-assembled components. They also require less maintenance since they do not need to be manually opened and closed each day; rather, they open and close with a press of a button. Automatic covers are also generally more durable than manual ones since they feature high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear over time. Finally, these types of covers provide superior protection against accidental drownings thanks to its extra safety features like child-proof locks and sensors for uninterrupted monitoring when it is active on the pool surface.

Automatic pool covers offer homeowners peace of mind knowing that their pools are secured at all times without needing constant attention or upkeep. They provide robust security against unauthorized access while still allowing easy access when needed with just a push of a button or turn of a key. With its wide range of appealing features, investing in an automatic cover will ensure long lasting protection for years to come.

Comparing Automatic and Manual Pool Covers

Now that we have discussed the advantages of automatic pool covers, let’s compare them to manual pool covers. Both types of pool covers offer safety, but they come with different features and benefits. Manual covers are often less expensive than automatic ones, but they require someone to physically go out and cover the pool each time it needs to be done. Automatic covers can be more convenient since they open and close automatically at the touch of a button on a control panel or remote control; however, they tend to be more expensive than manual covers.

To help choose between the two types of covers, let’s look at a few important criteria: Winter Safety Pool Covers, Mesh Winter Pool Covers, and Mesh Winter Safety Pool Covers:

TypeManual CoverAutomatic Cover
Winter Safety Pool CoversWill need to be taken off during winter months as freezing temperatures can damage the coverAutomatically closes when temperatures drop below freezing so no need for manually removing/installing cover
Mesh Winter Pool CoversEasier to install over an existing mesh winter cover most of the timeTypically requires installation by professionals due to its size and weight
Mesh Winter Safety Pool CoversHigher quality material is used in some cases which offers better protection against small animals getting into your pool unattendedMuch stronger material is used which is designed for durability and superior protection from small animals entering your pool unattended

When looking at these criteria it’s clear that both manual and automatic pool covers provide great safety options; however, there are distinct differences between them depending on what you’re looking for in terms of convenience vs cost effectiveness. Moving forward we will take a closer look at some popular brands available in today’s market offering various features associated with both manual & automatic pool covers.

Popular Brands of Automatic Pool Covers

Are you looking for the best automatic pool cover? Check out popular brands of automatic pool covers that offer various features and benefits – from convenience to cost-effectiveness. One brand that is highly regarded by safety pool cover reviews is Latham Pool Cover. This company manufactures both commercial grade mesh covers and solid safety covers, which provide excellent protection against unauthorized access to your swimming pool. Their heavy-duty mesh material blocks the sun’s rays while still allowing water to pass through, so it won’t collect on top of the cover. They also have a wide variety of colors available so you can match your new cover with your existing landscape design.

Many other companies offer high-quality automatic pool covers as well, such as Loop Loc and Coverstar Safety Pool Covers. Both manufacturers make solid safety covers that are designed to keep children, pets, and other unauthorized individuals away from your swimming pool without sacrificing ease of use or aesthetics. The material used in their products is durable enough to withstand years of wear-and-tear over time while providing an attractive addition to any backyard or outdoor space.

When choosing an automatic pool cover, make sure you look at all of the options available from different brands and compare them based on quality, price, and customer service reviews before making a final decision. There are many great options out there for those looking for an effective way to secure their pools while also adding beauty and convenience to their homes or businesses. With the right choice of manufacturer, you can enjoy all these perks without having to worry about compromising on safety or performance!

Popular Brands of Manual Pool Covers

Manually operated pool covers are just as effective at keeping your pool secure, and popular brands such as Loop Loc and Coverstar Safety Pool Covers offer a variety of options for those looking to add safety without sacrificing beauty or convenience. Inground Pool Covers are designed to fit into the shape of the pool, making them ideal for pools with uneven shapes or sizes. They also have a wide range of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to match their cover to the aesthetics of their pool. Traditional Safety Covers come with a Safety Pool Cover Warranty, ensuring that if any defects occur during manufacture they will be replaced free of charge.

Loop-Loc is known for its strong mesh covers that can hold up against almost anything, while Coverstar has a heavy grade sun blocking mesh that allows you to enjoy your swimming area in peace. Both brands provide superior strength when it comes to protecting your family from potential dangers in the water. Additionally, both brands also offer cover installation services so you can ensure that your new cover will remain securely in place throughout all seasons.

For those who want maximum protection without compromising on style, manual pool covers allow you to customize every aspect from color selection and size specifications to material type and weight capacity. With a wide variety of options available across different price ranges, manually operated covers make it easy for homeowners to find something that fits their needs perfectly – no matter what size or shape their pool may be. With careful consideration and research into the right product for your home’s specific requirements, you’ll be able to find an option that works best for you and your family’s safety needs while still maintaining an attractive look around your outdoor space.

Tips for Choosing the Best Pool Cover

Picking the perfect pool cover can seem overwhelming, but with a few helpful tips it can be a breeze – literally! Here are five things to consider when choosing the best pool cover for your needs:

  • Durability: Look for a pool cover that is designed to last. Inground Pool Safety Covers and Mesh Safety Pool Covers tend to have longer lifespans than other types of covers.
  • UV Protection: Make sure you choose a pool cover that provides ample protection from UV rays. Loop Loc Safety Covers are one option that offers superior sun blocking capabilities.
  • Ease of Use: Consider how often you will need to use the cover, as well as how easy it will be to install and remove. If you’re looking for something more permanent, solid safety covers may be the way to go.
  • Security Features: Many safety covers come with additional features such as locking mechanisms or alarms that can alert you if someone attempts to access your pool without permission.
  • Style & Design: Although this may not affect performance, having an aesthetically pleasing design is still important for many homeowners. Look for styles and colors that match your existing outdoor décor.
    No matter which type of pool cover you choose, make sure it meets all your safety requirements and fits securely over your pool area so no one can accidentally enter the water unattended. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find a reliable and long-lasting solution that looks great too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Latham pool cover typically last?

The life expectancy of a Latham pool cover typically depends on the environment in which it is used. Generally, these covers can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and care. However, if exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions or frequent use, they may begin to show signs of wear and tear after only a few years. Regular cleaning, inspection, and reinforcement are important in order to extend the life of your Latham pool cover.

How easy is it to clean a Latham pool cover?

Cleaning a Latham pool cover is easier than you might think. It’s like giving your backyard swimming hole a much-needed bath – just imagine that the pool is an old friend, and the cover is like a big, warm towel ready to wrap them up in safety and comfort. With regular maintenance, it will keep your pool safer for years to come. The cleaning process only requires some basic tools such as a garden hose or pressure washer and some mild detergent or soap, so you can easily do it yourself in no time at all!

What is the difference between manual and automatic pool covers?

Manual and automatic pool covers have distinct differences. A manual pool cover is one that you must attach to the sides of your pool yourself with springs, ratchets, or straps. It requires considerable effort to open and close as you must do it by hand. An automatic pool cover is more convenient as it can be opened and closed with a motorized system from a switch, remote control, or app on your phone. This type of cover requires less effort than a manual one but often costs much more due to the motorized system required for operation.

What safety features are available for Latham pool covers?

Latham pool covers offer a variety of safety features to keep your family and pets safe. Their mesh covers provide an extra layer of protection, featuring a heavy-grade sun blocking mesh that prevents debris from entering the water. The Loop Loc style mesh is also great for keeping small children or animals out of the pool when unattended. Additionally, their Coverstar Safety Pool Covers are designed with advanced tensioning systems that ensure maximum strength and durability. These covers will securely stay in place no matter what kind of weather you face, providing an extra level of assurance and peace of mind.

Are there any additional accessories available for Latham pool covers?

Yes, there are a variety of accessories available for Latham pool covers. These include anchors, winches, and cover clips that can be used to secure the cover in place. Additionally, Latham offers a wide selection of deck anchors to provide extra security for your safety cover and prevent accidental removal. They also offer solar blankets which help trap heat and reduce chemical evaporation. Finally, they have an optional winterizing kit which includes air pillows that protect the pool from ice damage during cold weather months.


When it comes to pool safety, you can’t go wrong with Latham pool covers. Not only are they strong and reliable, but their state-of-the-art materials make them a great choice for protecting your loved ones. With the combination of automatic and manual options, you can find a cover that fits your needs perfectly. Plus, the variety of popular brands makes it easy to customize your pool for maximum enjoyment. So if you’re looking for a safe and secure way to protect your pool from children and pets, look no further than Latham – they’ve got you covered!