Can You Pave Over a Drain Cover?

You’ve probably seen it before; a driveway or patio that has been paved over a drain cover. It looks neat, tidy, and uniform, but what you don’t know is that it can be extremely dangerous.

Not only could this potentially cause structural damage to the drain and its contents, but it’s also a safety issue. Let’s dive into why paving over a drain cover isn’t worth the risk.

Drain Covers are Necessary for Safety

Drain covers are an essential part of any home or pavement project as they allow rain and melting snow or ice a place to flow away from your property and the surrounding areas.

They prevent large puddles from forming on your property which can become hazardous when they freeze in cold weather. If these drains aren’t properly maintained then your property could be at risk of flooding or other water damage.

Paving Over Drains Can Cause Structural Damage

When you pave over a drain cover, you create an impermeable layer over top of it which prevents water from draining away properly. This may cause water to pool around the area which can lead to structural damage for both your paving project and the underlying foundation of your home or business.

In addition, if any debris gets caught underneath this impermeable layer it can lead to blockages in the drains which can further increase the chances of flooding in the area.

Avoid Future Hassles by Maintaining Your Drains

To avoid future headaches, make sure any drainage concerns are addressed before you begin your paving project. This means cleaning out any debris from around drains and checking for any potential blockages that may need to be cleared out before laying down new paving material.

Additionally, make sure there is sufficient space between the drain cover and the pavement so that water can still flow through without being blocked by the paved surface above it. Taking these steps will help ensure both your safety and long-term satisfaction with your paving project!


In conclusion, while paving over a drain cover may seem like an easy way to create a smooth and unified look for your paving project, it could end up creating more problems than solutions down the road due to potential flooding or other structural damage-related issues.

To save yourself time and money in the future, make sure that all drainage concerns are addressed before beginning any major paving projects! Doing research ahead of time will help ensure both your safety and long-term satisfaction with your work!